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We help project owners to turn impact projects into mesurable impact projects and value this impact through our impact investors community.

We can help to fund two kind of impact projects:

Impact solutions

You are developing a new kind of product that has significant health, social, environnemental impact. By financing your growth you can measure your net impact.

Corporate transition projects

You are developing a project to have a significant corporate social responsability positive impact. By financing the project you can provide a measurable impact reduction or avoid.

Already 10+ impact protocols supported

Provide measurable effects

Your Return On Impact matters more than your Return On Investment

Define the potential impact of your project and the amount of investment you are looking to make it happen. Our investors value more the potential impact for money than the economical return on investment.
Why ?
Because if you can prove your impact it woth big money !


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You can register your project at any stage, we provide you ressources, tools and network to value your impact and accelerate your deployment.

Impact Money

Transforming your project in a mesurable impact project will give you access to the best impact investors, looking for proof of impact reporting and a tangible investment asset.

Certified impact investements

Extend your capability by adding impact traceability to your project.

Use our solutions to create value with your new projects, protfolio, or LPs


your impact potential by evaluating your additionnality


your impact baseline and set your impact project goals


to stakeholders and provide proofs of your actual impact additionnality


to investors and provide tangible assets in return for their investment.

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